The south coast of Oregon is a great place to be a wood sculptor. For me a great day begins with a walk on the beach, stormy or sunny, it makes little difference for my goal is to find wood. I’m always looking for the perfect piece, something that has movement, is well preserved, and kindles my imagination. It’s hard to believe that it’s been 45 years since I transformed my first piece of driftwood from Hawaiian coast. Luckily my father passed along his wood skills and tools that inspired my passion for carving. In addition, my uncle, a metal arts instructor encouraged me to get my Bachelor of Arts degree from San Diego State University which gave me a strong foundation.

Over the years my pieces have evolved by incorporating wood with various materials such as metal, glass, and occasionally water.
My pieces are entwined with a personal relationship that reflects life’s beauty and endurance, bringing a link to the outside from within.
As an artist I wish to leave a positive thread in the fabric of time.